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Top Skin Care Products

Top Skin Care Products

Before you can design the best skin care regime for your self it would be wise to find out what the top 10 skin care products are designed to do for you.

Facial Washes

The Dead Sea Soaps are made so that they can be lathered up with water to clean away the grime and make up from your face.

Cleansing Gels/Bars

Sometimes soap may not appeal to people so a Dead Sea cleansing gel maybe applied to your face that will not only cleanse it but help your skin to retain it’s moisture.

They are very good for oily skin types to help prevent pimples and black heads.

Cream Cleansers

For drier skins a good Dead Sea cream cleanser is the way to go. They generally have a very light fluid consistency to allow the cream to easily spread over your skin.

They contain natural Dead Sea minerals to dissolve surface dirt and make up that can be removed with a damp cloth or cotton wool.


These products ranges are designed to refresh and cool your skin. They actually evaporate quite quickly after being applied to your skin.

They also help to remove excess oil from the surface layers of your skin. Toners with a Alcohol base are very good for oily skin types.

Dry skin types should use a gentler mixture such as a De mineralized Dead Sea toners.


The key reason we recommend a good quality moisturizer is to help prevent moisture loss from your skin.

By providing a barrier that the moisturiser provides your skin is kept softer. Moisturisers are sometimes used in addition to face serums.

It is important to note that all skin types require a moisturiser.

If spending time in the sun choose a Dead Sea Moisturiser with a UV filter.

Face Masks

Dead Sea Masks are available in Mud, minerals and salt to deep cleanse and tighten your skin.

Facial Scrubs

The Dead Sea scrubs contain salt that when massaged into your skin helps remove dead skin cells that will reveal a fresh looking face.

Eye Creams

The skin around your eyes are very delicate and are the first to show the signs of ageing.

Dead Sea eye gels and creams are specifically designed to plump out fine lines and keep your skin soft.

They can also reduce puffiness and darkness around your eyes.

Night Creams

There are some very good intensive Dead Sea treatments designed to provide your skin with an added boost while you sleep. Generally advised for mature skin types.



Top Skin Care Products

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