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Stem Cell Supplements

As we get older there is no doubt that our bodies start to degenerate, or in simple terms break down. Greying hair, stiff joints and the list goes on.

My father 74 was typical of all these symptoms, couldn’t barely walk some days or even get out of his chair.

He was put onto some supplements which contained blue green algae. After about a month of taking this supplement he was able to move more freely, walk much better and have more energy.

Pretty hard to believe really, that one little supplement could be so beneficial. In fact if I hadn’t seen the benefits with my own eyes there is no way I would believe it.

But it didn’t happen just to my father, it happened to at least 2 of his friends, one of which was in hospital and not expected to live. Dad gave him a bottle of the Stem cell supplements and within a couple of weeks he was out of hospital.

Yes hard to believe…….but when I did some research myself, I found that the Blue Green Algae worked on energising each cell. Basically it feeds the cells in your body with the highest nutrition available.

So by providing the cells with the best nutrients, the cells are able to fix themselves so to speak. Which when you think about it logically……it makes sense.
Now one of the Stem cell products is marketed by a Network or Multi level marketing company, which is fine if you are into amway style companies.

I am not so I went looking for an alternative supplier of Klamath Blue Green Alage, in fact I found 2. One of which is made by 2 ladies who specialise in chronic health conditions.

You can read more about them at a website our ours dedicated to Stem cell Supplements


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