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Psoriasis Treatment

Relief from Psoriasis

Psoriasis is a re occuring and usually life long skin disease characterised by small or large thickened, red scaly patches on the skin. Unfortunately for some people they will suffer discomfort by way of severe itching causing their skin to become red raw. It is estimated that at least 1% of all psoriasis sufferers will also develop mild to severe arthritis (psoriatic arthritis).

The cause of psoriasis is unknown but the possibility of developing psoriasis seems to be based on family history. Mental stress is also linked to psoriasis.The skin reacts by rapidly increasing the number of inflammatory cells. A normal skin cell matures in 28 to 45 days, while a psoriatic skin cell takes 3 to 6 days.

Dead Sea therapy has proven to be of value in treating a number of dermatological problems including psoriasis. The first research studies were undertaken in 1958 and the remarkably beneficial results reported for psoriasis have been repeated many times over. There are even European Health insurance companies that cover the cost of treatment for their clients visiting the Dead Sea!!!

However the true test is when you see results for yourself.

Three of our clients who have suffered severe forms of psoriasis for most of their lives were treated with Jericho Dead Sea salts, Jericho black mud soap and Jericho body butters. For all three they received immediate relief from severe itching and the redness in their skin reduced substantially.

One of these clients is a Maori lady aged in her late fifties who has a knowledge of maori medicines and had been treating herself. With only one 30 minute bath with the dead sea salts she achieved immediate results that far exceeded that of using the Maori medicine by itself.

Whether we test 100 or 1000 people with the Jericho Dead Sea Salts, Muds and Body butters ultimately the choice is yours. If you would like relief for yourself or a family member from psoriasis order today


Watch this Video About How Dead Sea Salt Can Help You

Suggested Jericho products to relieve your skin problems

One cup of Jericho Dead Sea salts added to every bath. Use three times a week in warm water

Soak in the bath for at least 20 minutes to allow the minerals to soak into your skin

Jericho Salt 1.2kg


Our black mud soap should be used every day as it is a natural cleanser.
Jericho Black Mud Soap


Premium Jericho Body Butters

Nourish and soothe your body with Jericho Body Butter, combining Shea Butter, Dead Sea minerals and natural oils that soften and revitalize the skin. This thick cream moistens rough skin and revives its elasticity without clogging pores. Rich in Vitamins A and E. Ideal for treating dry skin, cracked elbows and knees, scars, and dermatitis.

Jericho Body Butters

$70.00 RRP $150

Dr. Kremer Face & Body Cream

Dr. Kremer Face and Body Cream contains Dead Sea water and mud rich in salts and organic matter, as well as Vitamins A,B, E and Iron that provide essential nutrients to the cells.

Dr. Kremer Face and Body Cream has been uniquely formulated for people with skin ailments. Medical tests have proven that the combination of Dead Sea minerals and black mud bring relief from the itching, scaling, and inflammation attributed to sebhorric dermatitis, psoriasis, and other skin related problems.

Dr Kremer Face and Body


Jericho Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Use every other day in the shower (or daily depending on the severity of Psoriasis)

Perfect for Psoriasis relief, this natural salt scrub exfoliates the top layer of dead skin cells, helps circulation and rejuvenates your skin.

While smoothing and stimulating the skin, this energizing body scrub will gently buff away dead skin cells leaving your skin smooth, supple and refreshed.

Scrubs help circulation and are a wonderful way to invigorate your skin. The abrasive action of the salt will remove dead skin cells and open pores, allowing them to breathe.

A vigorous scrub not only softens, stimulates and cleans the skin but also makes it look lighter. Your skin will be hydrated and moisturized all day…..a must for Psoriasis relief.


Relief from Psoriasis

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