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Smoothing Body Scrub Sheer Goddess (Vicky Incredible)

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The Jericho Smoothing Body Scrub, available in four different tantalizing fragrances, combines the therapeutic and soothing properties of Dead Sea salt granules with a mixture of aromatic oils to leave your skin feeling velvety smooth. Ideal for normal to dry skin, this natural, pampering product exfoliates and hydrates your skin, leaving it soft and shiny.

Men and women of all ages with normal and dry skin.


Removes the top layer of dead skin cells, increases blood circulation, and revitalizes the skin
Perfect treatment for skin renewal and leaving the skin soft and smooth
Leaves the skin moisturized, smooth and soft
Paraben-free, non-irritating, and not tested on animals


All Jericho products contain Dead Sea Minerals. Dead Sea water contains a staggering 21 minerals, 12 of which can only be found in the Dead Sea and more than half of which are essential to our bodies, including: Chloride, Potassium, Sulphate, Iron, Magnesium, Sodium and Calcium – all known to calm aching muscles and joints, stimulate natural circulation, smooth and soften the skin and help relieve stress and tension.
Dead Sea Cosmetic Benefits
• Smoothes and softens the skin
• Promotes the natural shedding of the skin and accelerates skin replenishment to deliver a radiant and clear complexion
• Soothes itching, burning and bites and helps heal scarring
• Restores moisture balance to the skin
• Eliminates toxins, increases blood circulation and draws out skin impurities to purify the skin
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