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Jericho Mineral Serum

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The Jericho Antioxidant Mineral Serum contains an advanced complex of revitalizing anti-ageing components and vitamins based on Dead Sea Minerals, Chamomile extract, Seaweed, Argan oil, and Vitamins A & C.

Daily use of the Jericho Anti-Oxidant Mineral Serum, especially around the eyes and mouth where wrinkles tend to develop, results in restored skin with a smoother texture and a softer and suppler appearance.


The serum is designed for all skin types and is part of a daily skin care treatment. It is especially beneficial for skin showing the signs of aging including fine lines and wrinkles.


Contains an advanced combination of revitalizing and anti-ageing components such as Dead Sea minerals essential to the skin’s metabolic processes

Soothing agents, such as Chamomile extract and Seaweed, as well as Argan oil moisturize, soften and naturally boost the skin

Vitamin E, A and C maintain the skins moisture and protect it from harsh environmental factors.
The serum can be used at any time during the day under or without makeup to moisten and smooth the skin.


Apply a few drops of serum to the face and neck, especially around the eyes and mouth where wrinkles tend to develop. Using the Serum on a regular basis will result in skin restored with a smoother texture and a soft supple appearance.

This mineral serum is all natural. Used in part as an anti-aging regimen.

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