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Jericho Mens After Shave Balm

$79.95 $59.95

Jericho Mens After Shave Balm

By far our best and most popular after shave balm. Jericho’s After Shave balm soothes razor burns and leaves your skin smooth and well protected.

It has are very nice scented smell. One of the most popular After Shave products we have ever stocked. It’s just a shame that only users of this product know and understand how great the balm smells and feels.

“I took a chance on this aftershave balm since the description of the product was very poor…..not even a mention of what it might smell like. But I am thoroughly pleased with it. It has a relatively thick, creamy consistency that makes my skin feel great. The scent is like a very pleasant vanilla, which is light, not overpowering.”

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