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Jericho Day Cream 50g

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The Jericho Moisturizing Day Cream offers the perfect blend of Dead Sea minerals to soothe and revitalize the skin, Aqualance™ to rehydrate and moisturize the skin, and Argan oil to give the skin an additional boost.

The daily moisturizing cream can be applied twice a day for perfect protection of the skin, leaving it smooth, healthy and radiant for many hours

Jericho Day Cream 50g

This gentle moisturizer is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals and Plant extracts. Does not contain animal ingredients and has not been tested on animals. Rich with minerals from the Dead Sea,  Jericho Moisturizing Day Cream contain an assortment of qualities that protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Natural oils, aloe, vitamins and of course minerals from the Dead Sea make the Moisturizing Day Cream perfect for all skin types and appropriate for use under your make-up.

Along with its nourishing ingredients, large doses of vitamin and mineral content and a formulated blend of UV filters –Jericho Moisturizing Day Crème gives you a reassurance that will last.

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