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Active Australian Manuka Honey 20 Plus


For thousands of years honey has been used by indigenous people not only for nutrition, but also for its curative and health giving properties. And today, with consumers demanding natural alternatives for their personal and health care needs, Active Jellybush and Sweet As Manuka offers just such and alternative for improved digestion and wound care.

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Active Australian Manuka Honey – better known as Jelly Bush is an exceptional honey that provides many medicinal options for both internal and external uses

  • The ideal compliment to your First Aid Kit or Medicine Cabinet
  • TGA Approved and Listed Medical Product
  • Laboratory Tested 20+ ULF High Potency
  • For treatment of minor wounds and scratches
  • Cold Pressed
  • Convenient, easy-use resealable tube.

The “Activity Rating” of honey is a standard developed by researchers and the “active honey” industry to define the strength of Leptospermum honey for medicinal and therapeutic use.

Essentially the higher the NPA (Non Peroxide Activity) which we have termed ULF+ (Unique Leptosermum Factor), the greater the medicinal effect. MGO ( Methylglyoxal) has been identified as one of the active components of active Manuka and active Jellybush honey. These two identification ( NPA and MGO) have been used by authorised laboratories as a basis for standardising the strength of these honeys.

The MGO component expressed in milligrams per kilogram, correlates with Tyagarah Apiaries ULF Rating.

The chart below is based on current research by Prof. Merilyn Manley- Harris, Waikato University, New Zealand and Dr. Peter Brooks, Sunshine Coast University, Queensland, Australia.


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