December 27

Phytol for Dry Mature Skin


Phytol for Dry Mature Skin

An exclusive natural oil supplement formulated to support the barrier function of dry mature skin.

Contains a wealth of

  • Carotene-rich phyto-extracts:
  • Dunalliela Salina,
  • Siberian Seabuckthorn and
  • Chinese Lithospermum

that are the source of Phytol’s natural red-orange color.

These ingredients, together with Vitamins E and F act as free radical scavengers in order to protect the skin and prevent premature aging.

Directions: Apply a drop or two and spread lightly with fingertips over dry facial areas, eye contour and neck. For best results apply under any dry skin care product. This product is free from chemical preservatives! It is packed in a special bottle to protect it from UV light. Store in a cool dry place




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