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Jericho Skincare Singapore

Jericho Skin Care Singapore


Jericho Skin Care is available in Singapore from some of the shopping centres. We get many customers looking for the shopping centres that sell Jericho Skincare in Singapore……..unfortunately we don’t know exactly where they are and so we offer our online store for you to order from to purchase your Jericho products.

We know it takes a bit of trust to order online, especially when we are in New Zealand and we are about 8 hours away by plane from Singapore. Fortunately we have over 100 Singaporean customers who have trusted us with their Jericho skincare orders.

We already supply Jericho cosmetic products here in  New Zealand, Australia, United States and as mentioned before we have sent orders to Singapore. We have been supplying Jericho skin care online for 5 years now and believe the Dead Sea products are exceptional value for the benefits you receive.

We have a flat rate delivery cost of $12 for orders sent to Singapore. Orders are sent by airmail and take between 10-15 days to arrive.

If you need any help working out what is the best skin care treatments for your skin type please let us know. We carry a range of Dead Sea Skincare brands and also New Zealand skincare products that maybe of benefit to you.

We also have the Fresh Look Dead Sea Skin Care range which has great products as well for dry skin, oily skin, acne skin and anti ageing treatments. Please visit our online store for your Jericho Skincare Singapore products.


Jericho Skincare Singapore

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