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Jericho Skin Care

Jericho Skincare is a Dead Sea Skincare Range made in Israel by Paloma. We have been providing Jericho Skin products online now for over 14 years to customers in Australia, Singapore, New Zealand, United States and some countries in Europe.

However due to how Jericho now operates it has been difficult to actually obtain wholesale skincare products which has forced us to look for Dead Sea skincare that are equivalent or better.

We are so fortunate to have found two Dead Sea manufactures in Jordan who provide Dead Sea skincare products under the Juman Brand and also the C Products.


Jericho Skincare was well marketed in Australia by the sales staff in the malls. Many of you may of come across the opportunity to try the Jericho products through the sampling of Salt Scrubs, Black Mud and Dead Sea Creams and Body Butters at your local shopping mall.

Jericho Skincare and cosmetic prices on our website are very competitive as are our Jordan Dead Sea brands Juman Dead Sea Skin Care and C products.  We are fortunate that we don’t have the extra over heads as other Jericho Skin Care Distributors as we do not have sales people plus we don’t pay rent to shopping malls which means we can provide Jericho Skincare and now Juman Dead Sea products at affordable prices.

Jericho skin care and Dead Sea skincare online sales have increased over the years based on good advertising and Jericho Cosmetic and other Dead Sea products have proven to be very effective for a range of skin conditions such as anti aging, acne treatments, dry skin, pigmentation, oily skin, and especially for dermatitis and psoriasis.

Research and manufacturing companies in Jordan are now producing their own brands and also private label options for people wanting to get into selling and distributing dead sea skincare

We carry as many of the Jericho skincare products and we have increased our Dead Sea skincare range to cater for the growing interest of Dead Sea brands from Jordan. If you find a product not ranged our our Jericho Skincare website then please let us know as we maybe able to get hold of it for you.

Jericho Skincare products are made up of the Standard Jericho skincare range and also the very popular Jericho Premium Range. Both ranges offer a great value for money when it comes to moisturisers, eye gels and serums.

Some of the more popular Jericho Skincare products include

  • Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub and a range of Juman face and body scrubs
  • Jericho and Juman Black Mud Soaps
  • Jericho and Juman Mineral Serums
  • Jericho and Juman Premium Night Creams
  • Jericho and Juman Premium Day Creams
  • Juman Acne Treatments
  • Jericho Men’s Range
  • Jericho and Juman Salt Scrubs

As you will also notice we have other Skincare brands from the Dead Sea and also Manuka Honey and Bee products from New Zealand.

Jericho Skincare

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