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Jericho Skin Care Te Awamutu

Jericho Skin Care Te Awamutu was established to promote the skin care benefits of products made from the Dead Sea.

Jericho Skin Care Te Awamutu is the sole distributor of Jericho in New Zealand.

Jericho products are available via our internet shopping page or from our Beauty Therapy business here in Te Awamutu.

Jericho skin care is manufactured in Israel by Paloma Dead Sea Ltd.Paloma was the first company to develop and market cosmetic and therapeutic products based on Dead Sea salts, minerals, and black mud.

Our Jericho skin care range covers Jericho Cleansers and toners, moisturizers and nourishing creams, mineral serums and eye gels, black mud soap and salt scrubs and many more treatment products for the benefit of your skin.

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