Jericho Long Handle Safety Razor

The Jericho Long Handle open comb head offers the closest possible shave.

All Jericho safety razors are made to the highest quality standards, producing a razor built to last a lifetime. The Jericho SS-01 has a solid bronze handle that is chrome plated with a textured no slip grip.

The open comb head allows the blade closer to the skin providing the closest of shaves. The closed comb head is perfect for those with sensitive skin or new to wet shaving.


“I have several safety razors from different manufacturers—Merkur, Parker, etc.—and they’re all fine, but this one is my favorite by far. It gives a unbelievably close shave with practically no effort—in fact, as the other reviewer notes, effort might be painfully counter productive. This is an aggressive razor, but it’s also substantial, precise and beautifully made. A delight to use—and it beats the hell out of the multi-blade BS razors that dominate the shaving market. Highly recommended.”

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