Jennifer Aniston and Renova

In a bid to maintain a wrinkle-free appearance, 43-year-old Jennifer Aniston‘s adopted a super-strict beauty regime.

‘Jen doesn’t like the thought 
of surgery because she doesn’t want to look stretched, so she 
has a 30-minute nightly beauty ritual,’ says our insider.

‘First, she steams her pores for 10 minutes. Then she washes her face with a gentle cleanser and applies a toner, followed by Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion.

‘Next she spends another 10 minutes giving herself a facial massage to stimulate skin cells and help tighten her muscles.’


If that wasn’t enough, Jen uses a vitamin A treatment from Anna Lotan called Rénova, which she leaves on for another 10 minutes.

During that time, she opens vitamin E capsules and smooths them on to her shins and elbows.

‘Jen’s very disciplined when 
it comes to staying young,’ adds our source.

‘She also applies Dr LeWinn’s Ultra R4 Restorative Cream and quarter of a teaspoon of Vaseline under each eye.

‘In the morning, she’ll fill her sink with water and ice cubes, then dip her face in it to shrink her pores and reduce puffiness around her eyes.’

Jennifer Aniston And Renova


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renova1 - Jennifer Aniston And Renova

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