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Fresh Look Make Up

Fresh Look Make Up for a new you in less than 60 seconds

The Foundation for a Glowing Look

FRESH LOOK Makeup is formulated to give perfect coverage and a uniform tone for a perfectly glowing look.

The ingredients are carefully chosen in order to achieve a product that is gentle and hypoallergenic suitable for even very sensitive skin.

The makeup formulations include plant extracts, natural oils, moisturizing agents (collagen, elalstin, and hyaluronic acid), and a sunscreen.

All of these are in addition to pigments and powders that give perfect coverage, protection and a velvety look for a perfect finish.

They are a suitable foundation for professional makeup thanks to the rich texture, perfect coverage, shade selection, and wearablity.

Concealing Powder Foundation SPF 17

A micronized powder foundation specially formulated to cover, correct and conceal skin imperfections and blemishes. Acting also as a normal foundation the formulation provides a protective sun filter (SPF 17).

The non occlusive, non comedogenic powder formula allows the skin to function normally while providing long-lasting and effective coverage. The matte finish powder foundation is available in three shades.

Directions: Apply a small quantity with a puff, powder brush or clean fingertips over Bio Serum, liquid/ cream foundation, or directly to the skin.

The powder may be applied in layers until perfect coverage is achieved.

Product available soon

Fluid Makeup

A tinted botanical moisturizer acts as a premium foundation, giving an elegant smooth appearance with a dewey coverup of uneven skin tones.

Excellent for sun damaged, hyperpigmented skin under a touch of Concealing Powder Foundation

Directions: Use daily over Protective Day Cream SPF 20 or on its own, all over the face


Gentle Mascara Remover 40ml

An easy-to-use, economical ointment for removing water-resistant mascara and other eye make-up gently and effectively.The ointment melts upon contact with the skin, making the cleansing process very convenient.

Contains golden Jojoba wax to protect the delicate eye area from drying.

In order to improve skin tolerance, detergents and surfactants were totally omitted from the formulation.

Directions: With eyes closed and using clean fingers, spread a small quantity onto the eyelids. Dissolve away make-up with gentle massage movements. Wipe several times with a damp tissue or moist cotton pad until all traces of make-up have been removed.




Fresh Look Make Up

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