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Fresh look Skin Care for Delicate Skin

Fresh Look Skin Care for Delicate Skin

FRESH LOOK Care For Your Delicate Skin

Two different skin types: Delicate Oily skin with a sensitive T-zone (Seborrheic) and Fragile skin with capillaries close to the skins surface (Couperose), have been combined here due to the similarity in most of the recommended treatment program:

How to identify Seborrheic or Couperose Skin?

Delicate Oily (Seborrheic) has enlarged pores especially in the T-zone area (chin, nasal folds, the area between the eyebrows, and the scalp). Oily scales tend to accumulate in these areas and are often associated with redness, itchiness and discomfort.

This is a “reactive” skin type especially to changes in climate(seasonal), unsuitable (especially occlusive) cosmetic preparations, and stress.

Fragile Skin with “broken” capillaries (Couperose) is usually dry, thin, blotchy, delicate skin with a network of visible capillaries close to the skin’s surface.

What is the optimal approach for treating Delicate skin?

1. Avoiding “highly active” or warming treatments (including hot showers or saunas).

2. Avoiding oily, occlusive products because of their warming effect.

3. Protecting the skin from excessive sun exposure is especially important for couperose skin. (Seborrheic skin, on the other hand, may benefit from sun exposure – within safe limits and maintaining protection!)

4. Gentle exfoliation to remove the scales of seborrheic skin or to encourage the renewal and thickening of fragile couperose skin.

5. Adopting a long-term treatment program based on truly soothing products, that maintain hygienic conditions.

6. A minimalistic approach using a small number of care products can limit adverse reactions.

Cleansing Mousse 50ml

A delicate facial cleansing foam based on mild cleansing components. The special dispenser incorporates air during use, reducing the surfactant concentra-tion and producing a velvety mousse that leaves the skin smooth, clean and fresh.

Directions: Press on the applicator and gently massage the cleansing foam all over the face, avoiding eye area. Rinse off with plenty of water.

Cleansing Mousse


Aloe Barbadensis Cream 70ml

This mild, non-greasy emulsion is used to calm oily, sensitive skin with typical T-zone redness, often described as a seborrheic condition. Based on natural active ingredients, this moisturizer provides fast and effective relief.

Directions: Use as a moisturizer for the entire face, or as a soothing emulsion on typical T-zone areas such as nasal folds, forehead or chin, to calm redness or alleviate scaling in these areas.

For more persistent conditions, Protective Ointment with T Tree Oil may temporarily be used locally. If condition still persists, seek medical attention.

Aloe Cream 70g


Intensive Moisturizer For normal to dry skin 50ml

A luxurious facial cream with a velvety texture. Contains a Phytosterol complex that promotes the skin’s barrier function. Humectants and essential fatty acids have been added to help replenish dry skin. The moisturizer is rapidly absorbed by the skin leaving it looking fresh and radiant.

Directions: Apply in the evening to face and neck after cleansing. During the day the Intensive Moisturizer may be applied under Fluid Makeup or Protective Day Cream SPF 20.

Intensive Moisturiser


Beauty Mask 60ml

For dry dehydrated skin

A softening mask for enriching mature dry skin. The Shea butter gently melts on the skin smoothing rough and dry areas.

The Phytosterols enhance the moisture retention of the skin cells. The Chamomile extract together with rice starch soothe the skin leaving a velvety soft touch.

Directions: Spread a generous layer on the face and neck. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. It is not necessary to remove the mask from the skin.

The remainder may be gently absorbed with a damp cloth. Repeat once or twice a week, especially after sea bathing or prolonged sun exposure.

Beauty Mask


Under-Makeup Cream 40ml

A special cream to enrich the delicate skin around the eyes and “fill in” wrinkles, especially for users of make-up, which tends to accentuate them. Despite being rich in oils, it creates a silky, matte appearance.

Genuinely helps keep makeup affixed to the skin. Instead of applying powder on top of makeup, this cream can be applied beneath it.

The cream can be used to camouflage the shininess of oily skin.

Directions: Spread onto the face, especially the delicate eye area. Apply beneath makeup in order to affix it well to the skin. If you are using the cream in conjunction with skin care oils, apply it on top of the oil. Once it is absorbed, any shininess will disappear. It can also be used as a regular, delicate cream that leaves an elegant, matte appearance.

Under Make Up Cream


Fresh Look Delicate Skin Care

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