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Dead Sea Salt Bath

Create your own Dead Sea Salt bath at home by adding these special Dead Sea Salts from Jericho.


For many centuries people have visited the famous lake called the “Dead Sea” to help them relieve many of their skin conditions ranging from Psoriasis and Eczema.

By running a warm bath (NOT HOT) and adding about a cup of Dead Sea Salts you have at your command a Dead Sea Salt bath.

It is important that you use warm water only as your body heat will naturally increase because of the minerals in the salts activating themselves.

It is quite surprising how long the water and your body stays warm in the salted bath.

We have had many clients use the salt baths for cramps in their legs as the minerals in the Jericho Salts help with circulation.

For some it will be hard to believe that just adding a little bit of Dead Sea Salt to their baths will make any significant difference to their health.

But just like a small multi vitamin tablet the minerals in the salt bath are absorbed into your skin and start working immediately.

We have some Bulk Deals on our Dead Sea Salts so email us with what you are looking for.


Dead Sea Salt Bath

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