Mens Skincare

  • Jericho JM Perfect Men Kit

    Jericho JM Perfect Men Kit JM Aftershave Balm 150ml, JM Foaming Facial Cleanser 200ml , JM Facial Serum 30gr, J M Hair and Body Shampoo 300ml, JM Eye Gel 50gr, JM Facial Firming Cream (Anti-Wrinkle) 50g JM Eye Gel 50gr 1.76oz Specifically designed for men, JM Eye Gel soothesand decongests the eye contour area, significantly… Read more »

  • Mens Facial Foaming Scrub

    A purifying foaming scrub that deep cleanses and gently exfoliates facial skin. Refreshes the skin, clarifies blackheads leaving the skin perfectly smooth. Directions: Lather a small quantity with the gradual addition of water. Massage keeping away from the eyes. Finally, rinse off thoroughly.

  • Fresh look Smoothing Eye Contour Cream

    A non oily barrier, cream for everyday use, for maintaining the delicate eye contour area soft and moisturized. Soothing flower extracts provide a comfortable cooling sensation with a smoothing effect. Directions: Apply to eye contour or other dry skin areas 1-2 times a day or whenever necessary.

  • Jericho Mens Kit

    JM Men’s Health Skin Collection Kit Special kit for men that includes premium quality Dead Sea skin products specifically formulated for men,addressing their unique needs. Dead Sea minerals and the most beneficial and effective active ingredients,available have been combined with pure plant extracts, essential oils, and vitamins to work in synergy with aman’s skin to… Read more »

  • Jericho Mens After Shave Balm

    Jericho Mens After Shave Balm By far our best and most popular after shave balm. Jericho’s After Shave balm soothes razor burns and leaves your skin smooth and well protected. It has are very nice scented smell. One of the most popular After Shave products we have ever stocked. It’s just a shame that only… Read more »