Jericho Standard

  • Jericho Aloe Vera Gel

    Rich in Aloe Vera and natural Dead Sea salt containing 26 different minerals. Jericho Aloe Vera Gel is a mild anesthetic relieving itching swelling pain   Especially recommended for cooling the skin after exposure to strong solar radiation, and for soothing dry, irritated skin.   Ingredients Aloe Vera (BARBADENSIS GEL), CARBOMER, Propylene Glycol, Demineralized water… Read more »

  • Jericho Nourishing Cream

    Made of natural minerals from the Dead Sea, Jericho Nourishing Cream restores natural balance to the skin and stimulates cellular regeneration. Totally absorbed by the skin, Jericho Nourishing Cream makes you feel refreshed and young. Recommended for all skin types. Basically a great night cream that hydrates your skin with nutrients, and is also a… Read more »

  • Jericho Lightening Cream

    Jericho Lightening Cream corrects pigmentation disorders, as well as lightens, smoothes and firms the skin. It also fades skin discolorations ,such as age spots, freckles, or hyper pigmentation that may occur from sun exposure. Contains an advanced complex of revitalizing components and vitamins.

  • Jericho Cleanser

    Jericho Dead Sea cleanser opens the skin pores and gently and thoroughly removes impurities and makeup residue in one easy step. Highly absorptive and hypoallergenic, Jericho cleanser makes the skin look fresh, clean and smooth.

  • Jericho Toner

    Facial toner with Dead Sea Minerals and Aloe Vera plant extract for a thorough cleansing of the face. The toner constitutes an optimum skin preparation for skin care treatment by eliminating traces of make-up, dirt and greasiness while retaining the skin’s natural pH balance of moisture. We have found that the normal toner fits most… Read more »