Fresh Look Exclusive

  • Night Repair Renewal Cream

    Night Repair Renewal Cream An active exfoliating cream designed to soften, and gently exfoliate facial skin in order to enhance skin renewal. Replenishes the skin with a vital moisture complex that mimics the skins own NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor). The effective hydration obtained due to it’s presence, supported by Aloe Vera Leaf Juice, eases the… Read more »

  • Wrinkle Relaxing Facial Cream

    Wrinkle Relaxing Facial Cream An advanced wrinkle smoothing formula that leaves the skin soft and radiant, with a noticeable difference after only a few days of use. Contains excellent emollient oils such as Phytosterols, Shea butter and vegetable Squalane, for optimal skin softening. Premium humectants and novel moisture binders have a plumping effect on the… Read more »

  • Fresh look Lustrous Line Smoother

    Lustrous Line Smoother An advanced wrinkle smoothing formula that leaves the skin smooth and radiant even after a single use. Contains a special, clinically tested anti wrinkle complex Grantox that relaxes mimic related motions, to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Premium emollient oils such as Shea Butter vegetable Squalane Brasilian Caryocar provide optimal skin… Read more »

  • Triple Lift Protective Day Cream SPF 30

    Triple Lift Protective Day Cream SPF 30 is a sophisticated day cream that deeply moisturizes and smoothes expression lines. Micro-pigments in the formula lightly conceal uneven skin tone and provide a broad UV protection to minimize sun damage and reduce signs of premature aging. Triple Lift is the ideal base under your lip and face… Read more »

  • Herbal Toner

    A refreshing herbal face toner that is used to complete your daily cleansing routine. Contains components especially selected to improve the moisture retention of dry skin, in order to get the best from the care products that follow (such as amino-acids, HA, polysaccharides, lactic acid and additional moisturizing minerals). Calming flower extracts Marshmallow (althea) Honeysuckle… Read more »