Eye Care

  • Fresh look Eye Contour Cream 30ml

    Eye Contour Cream A special enriched cream that provides hydration and protection for the delicate skin around the eye and help reduce the appearance of fine lines. Contains active oil-soluble vitamins such as revitalizing vitamin A, essential fatty acids (vitamin F) and antioxidants. Softening herbal extracts such as Mallow, St John’s Wort Yarrow Chamomile have… Read more »

  • Fresh look Lustrous Line Smoother

    Lustrous Line Smoother An advanced wrinkle smoothing formula that leaves the skin smooth and radiant even after a single use. Contains a special, clinically tested anti wrinkle complex Grantox that relaxes mimic related motions, to reduce the appearance of fine lines. Premium emollient oils such as Shea Butter vegetable Squalane Brasilian Caryocar provide optimal skin… Read more »

  • Lifting Eye Contour Fluid Gel

    Lifting Eye Contour Fluid A great gel for helping with dry spots around your eye area. We were very surprised how very little gel was required to cover such a wide area. Very effective and economical Eye Gel. A rich moisturizing complex that mimics the skin’s own Natural Moisturizing Factor. Based on a unique blend… Read more »

  • Jericho Eye Gel 50g

    Fragrance-Free gel that smoothes the wrinkles and delicate tissue around the eyes, moistening and protecting it from dryness. The gel helps maintain the skins elasticity and youthful appearance. This anti-aging eye gel is hypo-allergenic, and a delicate moisturizer which contains Dead Sea Minerals, and plant extracts For all skin types…….most popular Eye Gel Moisturizes the… Read more »