Eczema & Psoriasis

  • Active Manuka Honey Cream 50gm

    Active Manuka Honey Cream 50gm This potent formulation with 30% Active UMF┬« 15+ Manuka Honey is really natures alternative skin treatment. The combination of the manuka honey, specially selected oils and herbal extracts can help repair skin disorders from nappy rash to psoriasis. These unique ingredients help relieve and soothe irritated skin. Ingredients: Distilled Water,… Read more »

  • Manuka Honey Ti Tree Soap

    Manuka Honey & Ti Tree Soap Antibacterial and antisceptic New Zealand Ti Tree (Manuka) Oil has been combined with pure New Zealand Manuka Honey to create a soap that is fantastic for all skin types but especially for those with problem skin especially acne. Honey is being found to give excellent results clearing up acne… Read more »

  • Dr Kremer Scalp and Hair

    Dr Kremer Scalp and Hair cream includes minerals essential for hair stimulation, Vitamins A,B, and E, Iron and polysaccharides that provide essential nutrients to the germinative cells. Made With Dead Sea Minerals Relief from Symtoms os Seborrhea Derrmatits Psoriasis Skin Related Problems The organic materials help regulate secretion of the sebaceous glands, thereby preventing the… Read more »

  • Dr Kremer Shampoo

    This shampoo brings general relief from the itching, scaling, and inflammation symptoms of seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis and other skin related problems. Includes essential ingredients for hair stimulation, as well as Vitamins A,B, E and Iron. Dead Sea Mineral Treatment Shampoo Psoriasis Sulphur