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Acne Skin Care

Acne Treatment for Your Skin

It is estimated that 80% of teens in New Zealand will suffer from some form of acne. Those unsightly spots are part of growing up.



Obviously the first place we look at is your diet.

Numerous articles and research will point to a diet high in sugar and fats commonly found in hot chips,burgers,chocolates and soft drinks as being one of the prime culprits for acne break outs.

Some other common causes of acne are emotional stress and the increased activity of sex hormones. These hormones known as androgens stimulate oil glands, typically on the face, shoulders, back and chest.

Boys are vulnerable during puberty and the girls also suffer especially leading up to their first period.


Cut down onChocolate and lollies

Salted snacks

Fatty and fried foods


  • Eat more fresh fruit and vegetables


  • Lean meat and poultry


  • Drink plenty of water


Skin Care Treatment for Acne

This is a Complete Skin Care package for those looking to to treat Acne!

Fresh Look Black Mud Soap – 125 gr

If you are suffering from acne, you need a soap that is not too harsh so that it doesn’t irritate your skin, but also one that will dry and remove acne blemishes. Fresh look Black Soap treatment was developed especially to treat acne and many other skin conditions by using natural water and mud minerals extracted from the Dead Sead.

Fresh Look dead sea Black Mud soap also effectively removes dirt, bacteria and impurities, thereby reducing the chances of further outbreaks. Contains natural oils that moisturizes the skin.

Natural Facial Salts – 300 gr

Natural. Dead Sea Bath Salts are known for their rich concentration of active minerals from the Dead Sea, these essential facial salts are particularly ideal for deep cleansing and softening skin.

Fresh Look facial Scrub

Enriched with Dead Sea minerals, this product also contains Vitamin C that gives the skin a radiant look and one of nature’s most beautifying herbs Chamomile extract to soften and calm the skin. A blend of natural Jojoba oil, Corn oil and Aloe Vera Gel nourishes the skin and increases its moisture. Removes dirt, make-up, sebum and environmental pollutants known to clog pores and make skin look older. Moisturize as it cleanses.

Purifying Mud Mask – 100gr

This unique Purifying Mud Mask gives your complexion a refreshed and radiant appearance. Formulated with Dead Sea Black Mud and Bees Wax, this all-natural purifying mask boosts cell renewal, revitalizes your skin and while softening the pores.

First thing in the morning

Wash face with Black Mud Soap Moisturize using Aloe Vera gel

Washing your face with only water does NOT cleanse the skin… moisturizing the skin helps stop the daily dirt from going into the skin. e.g hands on face.

At night

Wash with Fresh look facial scrub and moisturise with aloe vera gel.

Ensure you follow this regime for best results.

Contact us for more product and skin care advice.

Jericho Acne Soap $22.95

Fresh Look Dead Sea Facial Scrub

Jericho Purifying Mud Mask

Aloe Vera Gel 200g

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