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Jericho Foot Cream 150g

Enriched with natural minerals from the Dead Sea, Jericho Foot Cream effectively softens rough and scaled skin. We actually recommend this cream as a hand cream as it’s a little thicker and stronger than the hand cream. If you’ve dry rough hands use the Jericho foot cream. Rich in Dead Sea minerals and plant extracts, […]

Jericho Hand Cream 100g

Jericho Dead Sea Paraben Free hypoallergenic Hand Cream is enriched with Dead Sea minerals, Dead Sea mud and a herbal complex that together regenerate the cells of your skin, provide long-lasting daily moisture and helps soften the skin for a healthy silky skin. Normally $29.95

Purifying Mud mask Combination

Jericho Purifying Mud mask Combination for all skin types normally $49.95 only $19.95 Formulated with Dead Black Mud and Beez wax 3.4     Boosts cell renewal     Softens the pores     Revitalizes the skin     Paraben-Free Revitalise your skin with a great mud mask  

Jericho Seaweed Soap

Jericho Seaweed Soap contains Dead Sea minerals and pond-cultivated Gracilaria algae (red seaweed) that have been immersed with uncontaminated seawater from a Mediterranean marine reserve. Gracilaria algae are rich in trace elements and vitamins, and are exceptional moisturizers. In addition to the red algae and Dead Sea minerals, this soap contains natural oils and aloe […]

Jericho Body Butter lemon

Buy Jericho Body Butter today for this extra special offer only $29.95…….normally $49.95

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