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Phytol for Dry Mature Skin

Phytol for Dry Mature Skin An exclusive natural oil supplement formulated to support the barrier function of dry mature skin. Contains a wealth of Carotene-rich phyto-extracts: Dunalliela Salina, Siberian Seabuckthorn and Chinese Lithospermum that are the source of Phytol’s natural red-orange color. These ingredients, together with Vitamins E and F act as free radical scavengers […]

Jojoba Dead Sea Mineral Body Scrub

Jojoba Dead Sea Mineral Body Scrub 200ml An exfoliating mineral scrub that leaves the skin clean and smooth after use. The combination of natural emollients, wheat proteins, and herbal toning extracts assist exfoliation and accelerate the removal of dead cells from the skin’s surface. Dead Sea mineral grains act as abrasive particles that melt instantly […]

Dead Sea Deo Cream

Deo Cream 50ml A deodorizing cream suitable for daily use. Keeps the skin dry and dispels undesired odors. Natural Dead Sea minerals partially replace conventional salts used to obtain antiperspirant effect. The formula also contains a herbal astringent extract and an aromatic oil derivative that acts as a deodorant for a sensation of freshness all […]

Dead Sea Body Moisturizer

Dead Sea Body Moisturizer 200ml A fine moisturizing body cream that protects the skin from dryness and leaves it feeling soft and supple. Contains phyto-sterols that prolong the moisturizing effect on the skin, smoothing Centella extract to eliminate cracks, essential fatty acids (Vitamin F) to combat skin dryness and Dead Sea minerals to help bind […]

Bio Mineral Foot Balsam

Bio Mineral Foot Balsam Bio Mineral Foot Balsam 125ml is a cream rich in natural active ingredients and essential oils. It softens and protects the soles of the feet and prevents cracks. If you have dry skin this foot cream is one of the best we have tested. I had very dry feet after walking […]

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