PDH Premium Hemp Conditioner 250ml


Hemp Hair conditioner Sensitive Skin Formula – Scented with Essential Oils – No Perfumes – No Colours. Leaves your hair soft and clean


Our Premium Hemp Conditioner is formulated to deliver moisture where you need it most. Light enough for daily use it helps tame fizz and fly aways at the same time leaving your hair light and smooth.

Our Premium Hemp Conditioner carries a large percentage of Hemp Seed Oil providing you with its benefits. Hemp Seed Oil help blood circulation helping to thicken your hair and reduce loss. It provides much needed moisture to your scalp and hair helping keep dandruff in check.

At the same time Hemp Seed Oil helps the body regulate sebum (oil) secretion keeping your hair naturally clean and healthy.

Like all of our products, it just simply works.

Packaged in a recyclable bottle made in Australia’s only carbon neutral plant.


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