Jericho Skin Care Products

Jericho Skin care products for customers in Australia, Singapore and New Zealand. If you are looking for some of the best prices and specials on Jericho Dead Sea products then our skin care website can help you.

Jericho Skin Care Products

Jericho Skincare products are normally sold through the Malls in cities in Australia and some shops in Singapore. Our online store makes it easy for customers to purchase their favourite Jericho Skincare product.

Jericho Skincare products are made from Dead Sea Salts, Muds and Minerals, which are known to be both therapeutic and anti aging. Jericho has a full range of skin care products for all types of skin types and skin conditions.

The most popular Jericho Skin care products are

  • Eye Gel
  • Mineral Serum
  • Active Serum
  • Premium Night Intensive cream
  • Premium Daily restoring cream
  • Mud Soap
  • Acne Soap
  • Foaming Facial Scrub
  • Body Butters

While there are many different Dead Sea skincare brands…….Jericho as made a name for itself because the skin care gets results. Repeat sales are high which means customers love using the Jericho products for their beauty routines.

jerichopremium - Jericho Skin Care Products

Our suggestion is that you use as a minimum

  • Jericho Dead Sea Mud Soap
  • Jericho Foaming Facial Scrub
  • Jericho Eye Gel
  • Jericho Day Cream
  • Jericho Night Cream
  • Jericho Mineral serum

The critical point to remember with keeping your skin looking young and fresh, is to cleanse, moisturise and protect. If there is one product we would recommend that isn’t a Jericho skincare product is Fresh Look Triple lift. It moisturises, protects with SPF 30 and it covers blemishes as well.

Our Jericho Skin care products are sent by us or suppliers. Orders are all sent by airmail and in most cases have tracking numbers. We can also offer you help in selecting the right Jericho Skin care product for your skin type or condition.


Jericho Skin Care Products


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