Fresh look Lustrous Line Smoother

Lustrous Line Smoother
An advanced wrinkle smoothing formula that leaves the skin smooth and radiant even after a single use. Contains a special, clinically tested anti wrinkle complex Grantox that relaxes mimic related motions, to reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Premium emollient oils such as

  • Shea Butter
  • vegetable Squalane
  • Brasilian Caryocar

provide optimal skin softening.

Honey based humectants and active peptides with a visible wrinkle smoothing effect improve the performance of this exclusive formulation even further. Effective antioxidants act as free radical scavengers, to preserve the quality of the natural oils in the formula.

Light diffusing particles provide a lustrous appearance concealing the facial fine lines.

Additional flower extracts and superb herbs (Ginseng, Portulaca, Centella, and Lonicere) contribute to the soothing effect that makes this formula suitable for delicate facial areas.

Directions: Smooth lightly with circular movements over areas of face and neck that tend to develop fine lines (the eye contour, upper lip etc.) Apply 1-2 times daily, under your protective day care, on it’s own or directly under makeup where it serves as an excellent base substantially reducing the dryness associated with powder makeup components

Highly recommended cream

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