Colostrum 520mg Capsules 120s

Colostrum 520mg Capsules 120s helps boost your immune system, speeds up recovery after exercising, assists you to recover from surgery and illness. Assists in balancing and regulating your blood sugar levels and it helps you to burn fat.


  • 100% pure New Zealand bovine Colostrum powder in 520mg capsules 120 capsules per bottle
  • high in immunoglobulin (G, E &. M) Lactoferrin and growth factors (IGF1, IGF2, TGF D2 &. TGF D2) provides gastrointestinal support, immune support and rich in bioactive components

Colostrum health only uses High Protein bovine colostrum powder for the manufacture of the bottled capsules and bottled powder formats. Although more expensive than the low protein bovine colostrum powder, the benefits are superior and contains low levels of lactose.

  • In addition to the 100% pure bovine colostrum powder, the tablets also contain binding compounds, flavourants. Sweeteners.


We also recomend you include the Power 3+ Klamath Blue Green Algae supplements to completely boost your system.

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